Date of interview requirements for admission to the Master's Degree in Business Management and Consultancy - 16 January 2023


Admission to the Master's Degree Course in Business Consulting and Management requires 
- possession of a three-year degree of class L-18 or L-33 or a three-year university diploma obtained throughout Italy, or of another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable, which guarantees direct access to the Master's Degree Course 
- the acquisition in the previous career of at least 104 CFUs in the following subject areas 

(a) no. 34 CFU in business (SECS-P/07; SECS-P/08; SECS-P/09; SECS-P/10; SECS-P/11; SECS-P/13; AGR/01); 
b) n. 24 CFU in economics (SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SECS-P/03; SECS-P/06; SECS-P/12; MGGR/01; MGGR/02) 
c) n. 24 CFU in Law (IUS/01; IUS /04; IUS/05; IUS /06; IUS/07; IUS/09; IUS/10; IUS/12; IUS/14) 
d) 22 CFU in the mathematical-statistical field (SECS-S/01; SECS-S/03; SECS-S/04; SECS-S/05; SECS-S/06; MAT/05; MAT/06; INF/01; INF/05). 

The verification of the student's preparation (ex art. 6, paragraph 2 of Italian Ministerial Decree 270/04) is carried out, after enrolment, by a special Commission appointed within the degree course. 3. The test is considered passed for those students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree mark of more than 94/110 and a level of knowledge of English of at least B1, attested by the passing of examinations or university proficiency tests, or by certificates recognised at European or international level. 4. In the event that the verification reveals shortcomings in preparation, the Degree Course Council, on the proposal of the Commission, identifies supplementary courses within the Master's degree depending on the result of the verification of personal preparation, which must in any case lead to the award of the Master's degree with 120 CFU, without additional educational activities. 

In order to verify possession of the minimum curricular requirements, students may use the file in "Attachments" for personal purposes only. 

The interviews will be held on 16 January 2023 at 10.30 a.m., room no. 30 - 2nd floor Department of Economics